the ceo

Mr. Muzaffar Zakaria, a corporate employee turned entrepreneur and a larger than life personality is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CaribEX group of companies.

With a desire to explore his true potential and live beyond the regular nine to five job, he embarked upon this audacious journey in the year 2004 with the launch of CaribEX Shipping LLC in the Emirate of Dubai. Mr. Zakaria’s unrelenting commitment and passion for customer service with a penchant for excellence have won him many admirers and friends across the industry.

Mr. Zakaria regards CaribEX group as a global family, spread across continents and bound together by a common approach of delivering the best value to a  customer. His faith in the philosophy that all businesses are built upon trust and good relationships has seen CaribEX group grow by leaps and bounds, a firm that started from scratch in the year 2004 has grown to a net worth of over US $ 20 Million, with an annual turnover of US $ 50 Million in just 5 years.

Leading from the front, Mr. Zakaria has transformed and diversified a startup logistics firm into a multinational conglomerate comprising of  CaribEX Shipping India Private Limited, Caribex Agricare Services Private Limited, Caribex Constructions India Private Limited with plans of further venturing into tourism and hospitality industry.

When asked about his journey and how he manages all the stress, he replies with a smile on his face,  “If you love what you do and you have the right team, then you’re only having fun !”

Mr. Zakaria considers himself a humble servant of the Almighty and his charitable trust (ZEST) is known for actively championing the cause of underprivileged in society.