our story

What today stands as CaribEX group, had humble beginnings. It all started with Founder and CEO of the group Mr Muzaffar Zakaria making an audacious decision to quit his comfortable corporate life and venture into entrepreneurship, thus the very first company CaribEX Shipping LLC  was registered in the year 2004 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With hard work,  perseverance, honesty, integrity, commitment and  an undaunted spirit to excel in this new venture, the company soon made its mark within the shipping and Logistics circles of Dubai. Gaining wide acceptance and appreciation from customers a new Company CaribEX Trading LLC was formed to accommodate an ever increasing client base. The firm grew from scratch to a net worth of over US $ 20 Million, with an annual turnover of US $ 50 Million in just 5 years. With the firm making its mark in the UAE, it was time to further broaden the portfolio of services, this gave birth to a new entity, CaribEX Shipping India Pvt. Ltd .

With a keen interest and longing to serve his country, Mr Zakaria ventured into agricare business. Caribex agricare Pvt ltd was registered in New Delhi with subsidiary offices in major Indian cities (Kolkata, Jaipur, Mumbai, Karnal, Bangalore, Patna and Noida). CaribEX Construction India Pvt. Ltd, conceived with the idea of providing affordable homes to the lower and middle sections of the society is the latest addition to CaribEX Group of companies.

CaribEX Group envisions an open minded culture and aims to empower associated organizations, clients and employees with building sustainable relationships. At all levels of the organization, we have people who set the tone and drive responsible and accountable behavior. CaribEX encourages a flat structure where every employee is a part of the family.  CaribEX group conforms to legal and compliance laws defined by the compètent authorities. We are driven by the mantra of creating value for our customers, making profits, caring for employees and giving back to the society.