CaribEX Agri Care Services Private Limited is one of the premier organizations in Pest Management & Pest Quarantine Services. It was formed in the year – XXXX, in collaboration with highly skilled and experience Integrated Pest management professionals.

CaribEX Agri Care Services is accredited by prestigious regulatory bodies like

  1. Australian Fumigation Accreditation Scheme (AFAS)
  2. International Standards for Phytosanitary measure (ISPM 15)
  3. National Standards for Phytosanitary measures 12 & 22 standards By Directorate of Plant Protection Quarantine (PPQ) & Storage, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India for Delhi-NCR & Haryana

The Team at CaribEX Agri Care Services Private Limited

  1. Has an educated & technically competent team.
  2. Use registered & certified chemicals duly approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) & Central Insecticide Board (CIB).
  3. Fumigation with accepted & registered fumigants i.e. Methyl Bromide (MBR) & Aluminum Phosphide (ALP) for cargo in domestic & international markets.
  4. Provide an unparalleled 24*7 customer service.
  5. Continuously monitor the effectiveness of pest control strategy throughout the process.
What Drives Us

Our Mission

Actively engage with experienced pest management professionals to develop and deliver eco-friendly, and cost-effective pest management solutions for commercial businesses.

how we see the future

Our Vision

Deliver best in class and eco-friendly pest management services across all segments with a pan-India presence.

All these treatments are designed on principle of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), combining cultural, physical, mechanical, and chemical methods to manage pest. Emphasis is given on preventive measures than curative measures. To reduce contamination of pest and pesticides in products an intelligent approach is required, which includes identification of pests, source of origin, breeding places over than blanket spraying of pesticides at infested sites. Benchmark of all operation is based on 4D formula Deny entry, Deny shelter, Deny food and Destroy.

Pest Control Services

Ant treatment

Ant Treatment

Ant treatment

Cockroach Treatment

Ant treatment

Rodent Treatment

Ant treatment

Bed bugs & Termites Treatment

Ant treatment

Mosquito Treatment

Ant treatment

Cobweb Treatment

Ant treatment

Dengue Treatment

Ant treatment

Wood borer Treatment